With over three decades of experience in the pool service business, Paradise Pool & Spa Service is ready to attack and quickly remedy your pool problems. We are passionate about servicing our community’s pools and look forward to assisting you in making your pool as beautiful as it can be. Having a pool is about being able to dive in and enjoy it whenever you want to. It’s also about knowing the health and safety of your family isn’t at risk. When it comes to your pool, Paradise Pool & Spa Service offers peace of mind.

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Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or One-Time Pool and/or Spa Service

  • Vacuum and brush pool and/or spa as needed
  • Clean and empty all baskets
  • Backwash filters as necessary
  • Test water chemistry and adjust as needed
  • Skim surface to remove debris
  • Check cleaner operation and the function of all equipment
  • Lube o-rings as needed
  • Check and replace small items that are necessary for proper operation, baskets, backwash hose, floaters, weir doors, gauges etc. (these items will be added to your monthly invoice)

We will advise you of any needed repairs and prices prior to proceeding.

By careful professional balancing of the water chemistry, we can minimize or totally eliminate such problems as algae, scaling, staining of plaster, rapid deterioration of equipment, and eye irritation to swimmers. We maintain the water quality to insure a sanitary, crystal-clear water condition at all times.